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05 September 2008 @ 03:44 pm
Kore dare?  
Hisashiburi da na~~!

A recap for those who may not be familiar: Jeanie, age 23. Resides in the Pittsburgh suburbs with awesome boyfriend Jim. Uses LJ next to NEVAR anymore. BA 2006 and 2008 University of Pittsburgh.

Year 2 of AmeriCorps starts Monday. I've just confirmed that I'll be serving at Propel Montour. I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to expect when I interviewed there, as I'm not sure what my feelings are on the concept of charter schools in general. However, I was very impressed by how the school is set up, the staff and students seem awesome, and I feel like I can both contribute meaningfully and learn a lot. I'm still doing a side project for the YMCA (and I should really visit them before training's over in a week and a half) and I'm really going to miss the kids from the after school there and my co-workers, but I'm also looking forward to jumping in and making the most of my second term of service while I lay the groundwork for things to come later.

Incidentally, if anyone in the Pittsburgh area is looking for a job, KEYS Service Corps is still hiring for this program year. You won't get a lot in take-home pay during the term, but the education award is a big plus. Additionally, it's a great opportunity to build skills, work with kids, and learn a lot about the nonprofit sector, all while making a difference in Pittsburgh.

End shameless plug. (Seriously, it's a blast.)

I thought I was going to have some free time to myself after my term of service with the Y ended a few weeks ago, but it's really been different than I thought it'd be. For whatever reason I'm having trouble taking advantage of the whole "free time" thing when I have a) the Internet and its black hole-ish nature and b) a ton of stuff I can and should do around the house. We've been working on reorganizing and putting things in their places but it seems like whenever I start to get a handle on STUFF a ton more STUFF just appears out of nowhere.

Once the upstairs is a bit more under control (not that it looks bad now; it's better than it has been but it's not quite to a point where I'm comfy leaving off) we'll be turning our attention to making the basement awesome. For now, the upstairs bathroom has decided that it wants to hog all of the attention, as the potty is being a pain. I believe we're replacing it tomorrow.

Over the last several weeks we've been butchering hedges, as the house's previous owner let them go WAY too long (think a decade or so, maybe more). They're still there, just a lot shorter and less jungle-y. We may eventually build up the hillside farther with all of the yard debris.

In other news, Morning Musume's new single is supposed to be out on the 24th but today is Friday the 5th and they haven't announced a title or shown any PV clips yet. I don't want it to be pushed back, but I want it to be good above all else. I think I'll buy the single when I get my first paycheck of the new term because I really want to support the group.

We've also been reaaaally into Phoenix Wright lately and we're getting close to the end of the last game (Trials and Tribulations, not Apollo Justice because that's not Phoenix Wright now IS it?). I would say I highly recommend the series to you DS owners out there, but I've never actually physically played it, I've been watching JJ. Wait... I did putz around with the Court Record for a few minutes earlier this week, so I've kind of played it, so my opinion counts. ^^ Seriously, it's awesome. The localization team did an excellent job, and it's the kind of game where you don't have to deal with complicated controls or time limits - you investigate and figure things out at your own pace, and some of the cases really do take some serious thought. The stories never turn out as expected, but they all do make sense in the end, and the characters are well fleshed out and memorable.

Well, I guess that's it for now. We have an office and a living room and a kitchen and a guest room and a basement and a garage that I should be working on (but not all at once ugh), and I have writing I haven't done in an age, I should really go outside and enjoy the sun at some point, the fish need a new light for their tank, who knows we'll do for dinner...

Life is crazy. But mine isn't so bad right now.
Michaelred_comet01 on September 7th, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)
Good to hear from you again Jeanie. Hope your AmeriCorps work goes well. And it seems like the house is starting to look better, even though there's more to do.

I really ought to try out those Phoenix Wright games considering I now have a Nintendo DS... OBJECTION! has become a common phrase among video game players.
PGpantherpg on September 15th, 2008 01:06 am (UTC)
I'm excited about my new site. I'm also scared... more than I was last year by far. But it'll be cool. It's a challenge! =)