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13 November 2007 @ 12:16 pm
'cause Oakland drivers are just as bad, and the odds are stacked in their favor.

I almost got run over by some middle aged guy who saw me in the middle of the crosswalk at a 4-way stop, stopped, and then proceeded to speed up because apparently I was walking too slowly for him.

This is the second time in the past two weeks I've nearly been killed trying to cross the street in a crosswalk. The first time was up on Forbes and I *had* the frickin' walk light.
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08 November 2007 @ 12:22 pm
I love the Red Hat terminals in the computer labs. I finally decided to use one earlier this year and it's funny how people avoid them, even when the labs are full, 'cause they think they don't know how to use 'em.

Anyway, there's plenty I could write about here, and I don't really know where to start, but I'm going to start anyway 'cause I have class in a little over half an hour.

I'm going to be registering for spring term after class today. I hope I can still get into the classes I want because putting my schedule together was a bit of a bear. The good news is that I'll be at school/work on something closely resembling a 9-5 basis. Yeah, it makes my commute suck, but it'll make the transition back to the rest of the world easier? Or something like that. I'll have my Wednesday nights back, too.

I've been tired a lot lately. The days just seem to fly by.

My birthday is creeping up on me more quickly than I expected. It's 9 days away now.


I'd tell you what I've been up to, except that it hasn't really been much more than school, work, commuting, home stuff, the occasional Tekko meeting, and being tired. Granted, all of those things have been terrifically involved in themselves, but not in an exciting way. I can say that I'm starting to get out to actual sites and work with kids through the Y, and I'm enjoying that. I got to jump rope and play with Legos on Monday which was very cool.

I'm looking forward to the release of Morning Musume's new single. I really hope that it does well because it's a bright, optimistic song to round out their 10th anniversary year.

Speaking of optimism, I find myself with less and less of it concerning next year's presidential election, but that's another story entirely. ^^;

Anyway, class is soon, so I'll wrap up here. Hope everyone is well.
06 November 2007 @ 12:31 pm
More specifically, attempting to browse the course catalog in PeopleSoft is a colossal pain and a waste of time that makes scheduling classes take 10 times longer than it should.

Just thought you'd all like to know that. ^^

Hopefully more useful stuff later. XD
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19 October 2007 @ 07:35 am
Heading out the door for a moment. I'm to be running all over Braddock and Oakland today.

Status? Busy. It's midterm time and there's been a bunch of Tekko stuff going on this week for me. And my work schedule hasn't changed a bit, so I'm just... running!

Monday I was super cranky in the morning and almost had a meltdown because my bus took fivever to get into Oakland and I missed my Korean recitation. I go through moments when I decide that there are no excuses for anything like that and I was getting down on myself and then another part of me was like "WTF?" and that is why I posted what I did -- 'cause I wanted to vent about being sick of not being good enough but no one would see where on earth THAT leap of logic came from. I keep a lot of my problems to myself but the difficulty with that is that when I snap, noooobody realizes where it came from and I look super dumb. XD

Anyway, have to wake JJ up and catch the bus. Bus bus bus.
15 October 2007 @ 10:39 am
I never post what I want to post anymore because nobody would understand why any of it is such a big deal.
14 October 2007 @ 11:40 pm
it has meant a lot.

Thanks for hanging out. ^^
18 September 2007 @ 12:33 pm
"Good" as in "potentially important" perhaps.

A university student was tasered following his disruption of a campus visit by John Kerry. I need to watch the YouTube vids with sound before I come to a decision regarding how I feel about this. What disturbs me is the number of people who start screaming for one side or the other in the comments section without seeming to have the full story, and the way a single incident is prompting blanket statements about a lot of the people and entities involved.

Foreclosure rates surged in August. I'm hoping I've misunderstood the statistic that says that there was one foreclosure filing for every 510 households last month. If that rate holds, that means that over the span of the next year one in every 43-ish households may be affected. Granted, I understand that it's more complicated than that, and it all depends on income and spending habits, but... I just can't shake the feeling that things are pretty miserable for this country economically speaking, and I'm afraid of what it might turn into over the next few years.

The Fed may try to stem the problem with a change in interest rates. We'll see.

Finally, on a different note, IBM is partnering with OpenOffice.org for a new free Lotus release that they're hoping will start to erode Microsoft's market share in the wonderful world of office software. I'm wondering if there will be legal issues surrounding Lotus compatibility with .doc file formats and their ilk, and I'm also wondering how this partnership might look down the road. Taking down a monopoly with free software is awesome, but marketing, website maintenance, and support for users all cost money. Are they going to get donations to keep this ball rolling or will it turn into a pay product, and what would happen to the relationship between IBM and OO.o if it got to that point? Is this partnership doomed before it starts?
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05 September 2007 @ 04:53 pm
I am exhausted

I am roasting

I have a ton of work to do

and I have "Love Me Do" stuck in my head.

It's that last part that's really starting to get to me.
28 August 2007 @ 09:56 pm
Mrs. D.R. Vandertramp
aime bien vous aider --
les mots sont faciles
si son nom vous retenez.

I hope my French is close to right. I remember that funky rap, except for most of the part that was actually educational.

Being back to school is weird.

I've been to most of my classes already -- I have one more new class tomorrow evening with a teacher I had senior year who got me interested in sociology. So far, everyone seems very nice. I'm likely to get a lot out of my classes in terms of personal reflection. Sociology has elements of psychology, economics, and political science with a liberal sprinkling of statistics and questions that are nearly philosophical in nature asked in a scientific way. There are all kinds of gender studies, ethnic studies, class studies, family studies, studies of modern popular attitudes and culture -- it's an awesome field and I can't wait to dive in. I'm hoping I get the chance to do some writing with real teeth this year, too.

Korean intimidates me, though the vowels we went over today made ridiculous amounts of sense in written form. They are simple to write and follow very easy rules. Once I get started, I should be okay, but right now all I know is how to count to 10 and command someone to bow in a bad taekwondo school accent. I'd totally forgotten how scary staring down a completely foreign language could be. I just need to make sure I try to practice Japanese frequently as well so I don't end up speaking Korean when I try to speak Japanese like I end up with fraponais when I try to speak French right now.

I think I need to avoid cutting through Towers Lobby. Not only do I keep expecting to bump into TJ or Stan... but there's an elevator shaft in the middle of the open area where Thursday Night Magic used to be. As useful as that is, it's also a little depressing.

School and the changes in my life outside of school are really starting to wear me down. It feels like way too much at once right now but I guess it's a feeling I need to learn to cope with. I just wish I wasn't so tired. I figure by Octoberish we should be starting to settle into a routine, and I wouldn't be surprised if that helps a lot. ^^

I think I had more, but I'm tired, so... forget it, that's all I've got. :D
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23 August 2007 @ 01:21 am
I was making up songs and singing to myself in the car today, and I can't remember the tune or most of the words for the really good ones. =( It's kind of like that disappointment you get when you've had a really cool dream and you wake up and you KNOW it was awesome but you can't remember it anymore.

When your detours have detours, 1) they are lots less effective and 2) you know you're in Pittsburgh.

I'm finding over time that driving in heavy rain and fog can be relaxing in a strange way. I think it has something to do with having the road to myself when these situations happen. Being on the highway in a snowstorm back home was actually pretty neat 'cause I was the oooooonly one there, but I wouldn't want to try that particular maneuver in Pittsburgh, simply 'cause of the hills.

I've been keeping the radio off for large periods of time in the car and while working on the house. I think it's doing good things for me. I either just relax and think or start singing whatever comes to mind. When we hear TV or a radio or a computer or a video game all the time, the absence of that background noise is very startling and refreshing.

Menial housework is actually a very mellowing task, for the most part.

Going to dinner with friends and just kind of chilling out and catching up is fun.

Despite all the references to relaxing-type things above, I would like to take the greater part of some rainy day in the near future, sit somewhere cozy, and let my mind wander.

I miss JJ.
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