potpourri d'orange

kyou mo quelque chose intéressant

Today I am myself. I am a different self than I was yesterday or the day before that. I will be a different self tomorrow. I remember thinking to myself when I was twelve or thirteen, "I want to stay the me that I am now forever." Clearly that me is not totally gone as I am still me enough to remember it but I know I am a very different person.

What happened to that me? What will happen to this me in the future?

Recently I added to my interests. Some of my older interests no longer interest me quite so much, but they're staying because they're me.
.hack, ace of base, alpha 5, americorps, anime, azumanga daioh, b*witched, b-52s, bbhhs, berryz koubou, big east, bleach, bonta-kun, brecksville, broadview heights, cardcaptor sakura, care bears, cathedral of learning, cats, chrono cross, chrono trigger, cosplay, creative writing, dance dance revolution, dave and busters, diddy kong racing, disney's robin hood, donkey kong 64, dragonball z, dreams, education, ender's game, excel saga, fhqwhgads, flutes, foreign languages, french, fushigi yuugi, genesis, hail to pitt, hamasaki ayumi, harry potter, hello project, j-pop, japanese, karaoke, katamari damacy, kingdom hearts, kittens, kodocha, korean, kurokiiro festival, lazer tag, leena, lieza, literature, love shack, manga, mano erina, marching band, marching bees, melody of oblivion, menchi, mighty morphin power rangers, mitsui aika, morning musume, muppet babies, music, my family, my friends, my little pony, my teddy bear, nights into dreams, oakland, parma, parmatown, peter pan, phil collins, piccolos, pierogies, pitt, pitt band, poetry, power rangers, power rangers in space, power rangers turbo, power rangers zeo, procrastinating, raphael, read or die, read or dream, relay for life, riverdance, robin hood, role playing, roller skating, rollerblading, saiyajins unite, sega saturn, spice girls, squirrel hill, star fox 64, suneohair, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tekkoshocon, the emperor's new groove, the exchange, the rescuers, tiny kong, titan ae, tower c, travel, university of pittsburgh, volunteering, watership down, yasunori mitsuda, yotsuba to, zordon